A game of Limbo

A game of Limbo and which is the game of life. I’m the Limbo of medicine and in the Limbo of withdrawal. It’s like trying to win with the bar getting lower and lower but you keep losing. Lately

I’ve been told I should be proud because I still have the fight to continue going but I wish thats how I felt. Years of the fight or flight scenario that is my brain is taxing. Currently trying to work with a psychologist to try and get through it. The only problem is the Limbo of therapy. I don’t think I have it in me right now to face what has me in this place.

I know therapy is there to help but trying to deal with those issues are too much for me right now. Maybe that feeling will change as I’ve been pretty impulsive with everything lately. I don’t know this is just me trying to work though things out loud.

I wonder does this help you……. I want it to help you even if it doesn’t help me fully. That’s the putting others ahead of myself because I don’t feel any self worth. A problem from my childhood that just stuck with me……

Does this help you? Are you in the Limbo too? Have you gotten out of the Limbo? The purgatory of the brain is tough but have you gotten to the promise land?

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