Left side of survival

My left side of my body is slowly becoming a canvas to survival.

It had been roughly 3 years since my last tattoo that I got on my right calf to commemorate my first marathon.

Now I’ve gotten roughly 4 tattoos in two sessions in the past month or so. Here’s the stories for them.

The first tattoo on my left calf is the coat of arms for the flag of the Dominican Republic. Along the ribbon on the bottom it has the name of my twin sons. Felix is my son that is still with us. Armand is his brother that didn’t make it through the pregnancy. This is my way of memorializing him.

The second tattoo I got in that session was of an anchor. My wife has had a small anchor on her foot for a long time and I wanted to get something matching to show how much of an anchor she has been to me in my time of need.

Both these tattoo’s I got done by Kim at Inner City Tattoo in Elizabeth NJ. Check out Kim’s work on IG @typicalbroad


Now onwards to my 3 and 4 tattoo. I’m a huge Anthony Bourdain fan and was pretty devestated by the news of his death. This came at a time where I was at my most suicidial to be quite honest. So I got this old logo he had placed smack dab on my forearm during a trip to Florida just days ago.

This last tattoo is probably the most interesting out of the bunch. So my Aunt had lost one of her sons and he loved these purple cow figurines. My aunt also has a tattoo of this same cow on her wrist.
The reason I got the same tattoo is that she told me in her dream that her son is watching over Armand and making sure he is in good hands. So I decided to get a purple cow too to let him know thanks for watching out for him.

These two I got done at Ancient Tattoo’s in Ft Myers Florida by Julio.


While these tattoos have been a little impulsive, some planned more than others I’m using it as another way of therapy. A little pain therapy to work through the pain of everything that is going on. I’m in no way magically cured of my issues but it’s helping day by day, little by little.

Enough about me, what’s your tattoo story?

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