My fundraiser for NICU babies

I like to do fundraisers for my November marathons for the past few years. Here’s my story of why

As a father of a now thriving 2 and 1/2 year old the road to get there wasn’t easy.

Hi my name is Ariel Acosta and my son Felix was born at 28 weeks. He had a twin brother that didn’t survive the pregnancy due to issues with twin to twin transfusion syndrome. During Felix’s 63 days in the NICU he grew from 2lbs and 6oz to now the healthy boy he is today.

On November 11th, I’m running the Las Vegas Marathon. This will be my 11th marathon and the second time I’m running for Hailey’s Hope Foundation.

Hailey’s Hope helped my family while we had our extended NICU stay with their support and it’s something that I will never forget so I try to give back to them as often as I can.  

Here’s the donation link below if you’re interested.

Ariel’s Marathon for NICU Babies

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