Under control?

I thought I had everything under control and worked towards getting rid of one of meds. Stopped taking it Friday and now Sunday the rebound depression came and floored me. Currently it’s left me feeling miserable and not wanting to socialize with anybody. I mean anybody, not even my family.

So now I go back on the med I stopped and wait and try not to feel hopeless. It’s just so frustrating as I’ve been feeling better and get smacked with that reality. All I want is to feel happy but I don’t want to be bound to meds to do so.

The struggle continues……..

How are you feeling today?

2 thoughts on “Under control?”

  1. I’ve been following your posts and was glad to see that you were feeling better at one point. Please know that stopping your meds without medical supervision is extremely dangerous if your depression has not gone into a full remission. I understand you don’t want to be “bound” to meds but many people don’t have to be if they follow a proper course of 12-18 months to allow your brain to balance out and then you can slowly taper off with medical supervision. Some people require staying on meds a bit longer or even a maintenance dose for life, it really depends on the individual. You have fought so hard to feel better so stay the course with what was getting you there. The use of meds is not a sprint but a marathon. You need to stick it out for a longer haul until you reach a remission and then start thinking about a cooling down period. I know you understand the comparison as you are a runner. I hope you continue to blog as it is important for others to hear your honesty about your journey. I wish you all the best.


    1. Thanks Shirley, I’ve been working with my doctor. I’m was in the process of tapering off one of my meds as I’ve been taking another one also. I didn’t think it would have such a drastic effect due to it being such a low dose of one of them but I was wrong. So it’s back to the drawing board and just trying to continue progressing forward.


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