A hard pill to swallow

I take meds for my depression, anxiety and mood disorder. I’ve been working with my provider to try and get taken off of one because it’s a very low dose. As I spoke about yesterday that trial didn’t go very well at all.

Now today I had group therapy and was talking about fighting my meds and fighting with the whole therapy thing. I’ve had issues for years but with starting therapy this year everything has gotten worse. I know the old saying it’s gets worse before it gets better but this has been especially bad. It leaves me unable to function and be productive in family and work life on occasion.

Now is the hard pill to swallow is that I will have to take these meds for the foreseeable future. Maybe it will only be a few months or a year or for the rest of my life. This is what it has come down to. Am I ok with it…….. no, but it’s either that or potentially harming myself. I’ve been able to control myself and keep the ideations at bay but without proper meds and help I can’t say that I can control that.

That is the scary thing about all this is trying to keep control…….

Enough about me…. How are you doing?

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